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  Hi everyone!! Thanks for stopping by my small part of the page and I am glad you stopped.  For those that I never meet face to face I hope we can change that one day soon!! 

For those that might be asking, is her background really pink??

  YEP, sure is, my background is pink and yes I know it does not match the site whatsoever but I like pink and since this is my part of the page...well...there ya have it :) 

  For those I have never got the pleasure of meeting and you are new around here, please let me introduce myself.

  My name is Katie Smith and I have the great privilege to be married to the the man in the background, Steve Smith. He is my best friend and he thinks I am pretty, I think he is handsome, so what more do ya need...right? ;) 

  Most of the time when calling to book a show or sending an email it is me that you reach. I have been more behind the scenes kinda girl but am pretty active doing some of my own things when not playing music wife.  

  Some maybe asking what is "KTTweetsCountry"? 

  Years ago in high school my classmates nicknamed me, KT, after my name "Katie" and it has stuck through all of these years.

   It is how I sign things, which most of you may have picked up on, over at Facebook and it naturally stuck when needing to make a Twitter account years ago. The "KT" is my name and the "Tweets Country" stuck since I am involved in Country Music. 

  Now everything that I personally am involved in gets named, KT Tweets Country. My personal Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, get the idea. 

  While Steve is busy with the front of the show, playing and singing, I give you the behind the curtain embarrassing stuff. It could be pictures, videos or snaps but it will  leave you laughing because if we can't laugh in life, what do we have??

  So enough about me I would LOVE to hear from you...look me up on the links above and lets chat. I am also going to provide some links to show you what I am involved in...blogs....lipgloss...<----that is going to take over the world...and some other pretty cool things.

  What are you waiting for?? Go find me, lets chat. 

  Take Care, God Bless and THANK you for stopping by~